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  • ch-14818-058

    Meet Aiden

    October 16, 2014

    Although the extent wasn’t immediately known, Tammy Anderson suspected early on that her baby boy had some challenges. Fast forward nine years to today and this mini superhero becomes the 2014-2015 Champion Child, presented by Walmart. “Aiden was very, very colicky and a bit of a fussy baby, but our daughter Ella, who was just 21 months older than him…

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  • Koby Halloween

    Meet Koby

    October 11, 2014

    On October 22nd last year, Nadine Lagasse knew that her son Koby was a little “off”; “He wasn’t his normal self. He was lethargic and not with it,” she recalls. The next stop was the Children’s Hospital emergency where a bunch of tests were immediately ordered. By the next morning Nadine was given shocking news; her 12 year old son…

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  • Frankie - July 2014

    Meet Frankie

    July 31, 2014

    It wasn’t uncommon for 5 year old Frankie Rumore to have an ear infection. He’d had them before, so when the usual symptoms presented themselves in June of 2013, his parents Nadia and Joe took him to the pediatrician and expected a speedy recovery. However, as the days passed with a continued fever, lethargy and headaches, it became clear that…

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